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About Vanesa Stutz


Polka-Dot Peanut Parade was born from rediscovering my childhood passions, in the context of my own motherhood.  

Since before I was born, my parents have owned and operated a furniture upholstery shop in Fullerton, California. I grew up around heavy duty industrial sewing machines, staple guns and loud compressors every day in work rooms filled with rich textiles, scraps of fabric, foam and stuffing everywhere. I loved it. 

As a kid, my natural inclination was to create dolls out the scraps of fabric I would find laying around. When I was nine, my mom bought me a second-hand portable sewing machine and taught me the basics; the rest I just kind of figured out somehow. I became pretty good at making dolls for my friends and, as I grew up, moved on to clothing -- continuing this into adulthood. 

I spent most of my twenties as a touring musician and would design outfits for myself and my artist friends. That led me into the fashion industry. But when I had my daughter in 2013, I decided to leave the corporate culture to spend time with her at home. After making a rag doll for her once, I realized this could be a new creative outlet that combined my interests. 

One of the things that's most personally exciting about my dolls is creating their outfits. Being raised here, as well as actively participating in the local culture, my fashion sense is distinctly Southern Californian. As well, the materials that I use to create the dolls' outfits are mostly vintage fabrics I've collected over the past decade, meaning there's local heritage literally stitched into every doll. 


Earth-Friendly Practices

We use sustainably sourced materials and up-cycled fabrics to create unique heirloom quality dolls and soft toys. We strive to continue to find ways to stay and become more eco conscience everyday.


100% Hand Crafted Quality

At Polka-Dot Peanut Parade, we take pride in the quality and individuality we put into our products. All items are carefully made by hand and each has its own unique style and expression that can only be achieved by making small batches at a time.

Made in Los Angeles

Everything we produce is made in sunny Los Angeles, California, and we aim to keep it that way.